Driving Laws In Australia

It is illegal to drive with ANY THC in your system in all states except Tasmania.
If you are found with THC in your system while driving, even if it is prescribed medicinally – it is illegal !
In Tasmania, it is legal to drive with THC in your system as long as it is medicinally prescribed and
you are not impaired in any way.

How do I know if I have THC in my system?
Everyone excretes THC at a different rate! This means that one person could have no THC in their system by 12 hours, whilst others could take up to 7 days to clear.
You can get THC testing kits from the pharmacy if you are unsure about whether you have THC remaining in your system.

What about CBD?
Products containing ONLY CBD do not have any driving
restrictions (provided you are not impaired from taking it in
any way).

Please check the bottle to ensure it has nil THC in it. If you are not sure, clarify with your doctor.

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